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• Abstract.pdf
• Three southerners of three little-differing generations in e-mail conversation.pdf
• Immediate continuation of the e-mail conversation of the  three  southerners we saw above.pdf

• A finish of the above conversation with an open ended epilogue.pdf
• The revolution spreads from north to north: from Germany, then Greece, then Spain, indignado Johnny and  indignada Suzy turn WSO (with a warm-up at virtual bus-stop on  Mount Bushmore).pdf
• A PS to the pdf right above, written right after the next elections, that did bring SYRIZA to power:
• SYRIZOphrenia.pdf
• Mount Bushmore (overall summary and full last part of a, still virtual, revolution).pdf
• Education versus crisis and the character assassination of Greek people.pdf
• Education versus Crisis.pdf

I feel this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship
(Humphrey Bogart in “Casablanca”)
“Creo que este es el comienzo de una bella amistad”
(Humphrey Bogart en “Casablanca”


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• Resumen.pdf
• Tres sureños de tres generaciones un poquito diferente, sostienen una conversación por correo electronico.pdf
Continuación inmediata de la conversación por correo electrónico de los tres sureños que vimos más arriba.pdf
Final de la conversación de más arriba con un epilogo no prejuiciado.pdf
• La revolucion  se extiende del norte al norte: desde Alemania, después a Grecia y, después a España, Johnny el indignado y Suzy la indignada llegan a ocupantes de Wall Street (con calentamiento previo en una parada virtual de buses  en Mount Bushmore).pdf
• Mount Bushmore (sumario general y la ultima parte en transcripción completa, de una revolución todavía virtual).pdf

Bibliography in the form of notes, anthologies of excerpts, sketches, outlines  etc. etc.

Bibliografía en forma de extractos antológicos, notas, bocetos, diseños, etc. etc.

• Rehearsal of Greek School Event.pdf

• Last page of the above plus two remarks by attentive readers plus its first completion:.pdf

• The rehearsal’s links by themselves (for whatever use…).pdf

• Two letters about Canto General at Herodeion.pdf

A wider whole also containing the above

• Globalized Elections Trilogy 1st page+Chapter 1.pdf
• Globalized Elections Trilogy Chapter 2.pdf
• Globalized Elections Trilogy Chapter 3.pdf
• Second completion.pdf
• Third completion.pdf

Excerpts from correspondence about Mikis Theodorakis as
Composer-for-all-seasons for our season.pdf
• Excerpts about Weber from a letter to Zeph.pdf

An even wider whole, more informative but not prerequisite for the reading of the above
Going backwards and backwards to the events of 1999:

• Mt Bushmore, farcitragedy in soap-opera format.pdf
• Onground, tragicomix in road-movie format.pdf
• Overground, tragicomix in space-movie format.pdf

• (Overground’s links).pdf

Right before the 99’s events+updates up to 2007:
• Mumford, thinker-for-all-seasons for our season.pdf

Putting it all together:
• In and out of Borgesian and non Borgesian Labyrinths.pdf

• Aegean Balcony News.pdf

• A parenthesis from physics before and after the view from ”the Balcony of the Aegean”

• Glossa forever.pdf